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Born in Madrid, Spain in 1949, to a businessman and a housewife, Miguel was introduced to the world of fine art at a young age.

Artists such as Rembrandt, Goya, Velazquez, and Ingres captured his spirit and imagination. As an adolescent, Miguel became acquainted with the contemporary masters. This appreciation of old and new masters would help him to develop his own unique and contemporary style.

Recognizing Miguel’s love and talent for fine art, his parents sent him to the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City. There he studied life drawing and soon discovered the beauty of the female figure.

“The elegance of the feminine figure is exquisite!” states Miguel. “I fell in love with its sublime and noble beauty, and it became my obsession to paint this ideal in all its private and mesmerizing moments.”

“Art is the purpose of my life,” declares Miguel. “Through light, shape, and color, I am able to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences, making each painting a statement of my soul.”Miguel is passionate about his work, so each painting is meticulously planned, researched, and sketched. This enables him to precisely develop and express a concept, a feeling, or an emotion. From his beachfront home, Miguel works ten hours a day on several paintings at a time, allowing him the opportunity to review and refine each painting to perfection.

This passion for art drives Miguel to constantly expand his knowledge. Thus, when he's not painting, he's visiting museums, galleries, and art libraries. He also draws inspiration from walking along the beach near his home in Huntington Beach, California.

Miguel's work is sought, collected, and exhibited internationally by galleries and private collectors alike. Collectors include Wayne Newton, renowned surgeon Dr. Ron Lapin, and Baron and Baroness Jan Six X. One collector alone has 17 of his paintings. And Miguel has been commissioned to paint numerous portraits for members of the NRA and Safari International.

In addition to his fine art and portrait paintings, Miguel is also renown for his murals.

Miguel’s admirers have included President George W. Bush, General Norman Schwarzkopf, and entertainer Pat Boone.


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